being 40

By May 3, 2013blog

Today, one of my special friends is forty. She is not here physically, but she is here in my thoughts, in the action of my raised glass, my quiet whispering smile and of course, in my heart, always. Being forty is somehow a watershed life-mark. Still young and yet not so young as to be foolishly impetuous perhaps, but not so far advanced as to be tired of repetitiveness and tedium. Forty is also what another very special person will be next year, so it seems that it is a poignant time for me to reflect on this milestone, even though being forty is, of course, only relevant in a vaguely mathematical way. A means of defining statistics in a passport, or some other red – tape knickknack. I remember being forty very clearly. My birthday cake was an enormous grand piano. An ex girlfriend gave me two tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s new production of Allegria at the Albert Hall – was that a gift or a suggestion? A group of my dearest friends and I dined and made merry in a Greek Restaurant in Queensway, London. It also, interestingly, coincided with the start of a new decade – what was to become known eventually as the nasty nineties, when one felt as though the world was on the verge of imminent collapse (sounds familiar?) . But of course the world did not collapse . It just continued to rotate, as it does today, in perpetual harmony with the eternal decade long cycles of ebb and flow. So, reflecting on this particular landmark of forty, here is my suggestion to ponder for forty or about to be forty year olds – knowing that time passes stealthily with its reassuring but fragile promise of another certain tomorrow. Beware though, time catches you in the same way that the sun’s breathtaking palate of flaming colors fades into night over a distant dissolving horizon. It’s a cruel joke really but nevertheless that’s the way it is. One Blink and the years have passed. So my suggestion is this. Make, on or around this important day a list of your life plans that are essential to your life’s fulfillment. Call this your ‘must do list’ and make a pledge within yourself to do your maximum to fulfill it. Then physically put this list away for safekeeping and do not open and look at it until your 60th birthday. You will be amazed. By then you will accept that life is finite (maybe) and you can reassess and reattempt the critical misses. Meanwhile enjoy this most wonderful time of your life. Be enchanted and uplifted. You are at a perfect, never to be repeated moment. Smile, sing be at one with the world