can speak thai little?

By August 3, 2013blog

I am in Thailand, a country I enjoy and where I come to unwind, play golf and soak up the graciousness and laughter of the ever friendly and tolerant Thai people. I am finding now that my rudimentary Thai that I have been attempting to learn is just starting to give me some small but hugely gratifying rewards. I just spent a typically gridlocked twenty minutes in a Bangkok taxi with a most likeable taxi driver, who could not speak a word of English but who was delighted to chat to me in Thai for the duration of our journey together, and despite only understanding a little of the conversation, I felt I acquitted myself overall quite well . The pleasure one gleans from speaking even a little of the language of a country one visits regularly is enormous; and I am determined to invigorate my effort to speak fluently. I shall make that one of my key resolves for next year. Fluent Thai by end 2013.