By July 3, 2013blog

‘Any of various usually small tropical and subtropical lizards of the family Gekkonidae, having toes padded with setae containing numerous suction cups that enable them to climb on vertical surfaces.’

I sit in my house and watch a gecko stalking its prey on the wall of my living room. I do this for no particular reason except that I am hypnotized by the patience of this eternal ritual. It is just a passing moment, I don’t habitually stare at geckoes but this one truly captivates me and I find I am unwilling to leave and go about my day’s activities until the completion of the gecko’s quiet and focused mission is accomplished. Wasting valuable time, you might think. But this moment suddenly brings back to me to a profound observation from an old and dear friend from many years ago.

‘It doesnt matter how trivial what you are doing may seem, because you never know when a great idea could hit you’

A good thought for the day I believe