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Over years of extensive travel, I have stayed in many hotels around the world. I am one of those people who enjoy the hotel experience  and look forward to discovering an untried hotel with eager anticipation. Mostly I am satisfied, sometimes surprised, occasionally amazed and on the odd occasion, disappointed. However, i find that too often there is some small overlooked or ignored  detail that becomes irritating, like the  itch of a mosquito bite and which could mostly be quite easily corrected,adjusted or improved to make the overall experience as perfect as possible. Now I accept that I am a perfectionist – this comes from my work where I have always aspired to deliver my best,  so on this basis, I am putting forward my proposal for an addendum to a given rating system for hotel users (and owners)to ponder in the search to achieve the perfect hotel experience

The system is quite simple. It grades various aspects of what I  consider to be the potentially niggly and overlooked problems from 1 (very annoyingto 10 (perfect) The  system , known as BARN  (Barry’s additional rating for niggles)  – another acronym i’m afraid -assumes that the hotel is fully functioning, is properly furnished and staffed, so these prerequisites do not feature in  the assessment. To be fair, when one is using the system, one should take into account whether the hotel is 3,4 or 5 star and make degrees of allowance accordingly.

So here we go

BARN – please rate from 1 to 10

1.  Are the batteries in your remote controls working. They may expire during your stay but are they working on arrival

2. Does the bed squeak

3. Do the curtains close perfectly to allow for complete privacy when required.

4 are the offerings from the confectionary drawer interesting or just the usual Toblerone ( only ever seen in hotels so it seems), Snickers and crisps.

5 does the hotel charge you when you remove their branded hessian laundry bag? My hotel, if I owned one, would be delighted to let the guest have it for the free advertising and visitors would be encouraged rather than charged to take them

6 are their sufficient coat hangers for long stay guests ( more than a day)

7 does the water in the shower ( if you have one) stay at a constant temperature or do you run in and out like Mr Bean  – scalded then frozen? This is a big one for me and a recurring syndrome even in 5 star hotels

8 should the hotel really charge you for that last bag of M&Ms on checkout that you quickly ate to relax you for the long haul flight ahead? Wouldn’t complimentary guarantee a satisfied returning customer?

9 in this super digital world we now inhabit, are there enough plug points to charge the numerous items one has to carry that need daily recharging; and doe she hotel carry numerous and varied adapters to accommodate the almost laughable number of different plugs that we seem to carry around. My hotel would offer a free service to change people’s plugs if they so wished. Imagine the credibility that would offer.

10 1s the wi-fi free? Of course it should be and factored into the room price. 1st thing almost everyone wants to do on arriving ( unless honeymoon or similar is involved) is check emails, not fill in pass codes and feel irritated at the   additional cost.

These are my first 10 . I am sure there are more. Please feel free to comment on my Facebook wall, disagree or make suggestions

If your answer is yes, then you should give the hotel 1 point, 10 points for no and for an in between rating, a score somewhere in between ( obviously)

Meanwhile happy travels!