By January 3, 2013blog

You go somewhere to experience something that has been in your dreams for as far back as you can remember. One of those essential must do things on your life’s unfinished canvas. you experience a sense of mounting excitement and expectation as the plane begins its descent and then ….. You fall in love, hopelessly, passionately and forever – before you have even left the airport. Everywhere your eye looks, you feel and see the colour, the joy, the excitement, the anticipation of four unique days. The greatest spectacle on earth. The time when nothing matters but the celebration of rhythm, of passion, of abandon, of Samba!

This is Rio Carnival and I will go again and again. To feel the magic, see the most fantastic and extravagant costumes, marvel at the dedicated year long preparation invested in this extraordinary event. Wonder at the numbers involved with each of twelve samba schools involving around 4000 people in their parade – that is 48,000 people, dancing, smiling, walking, samba-ing, rejoicing; and meanwhile, in nearly every street, parties unfolding and happiness permeating everything.
For these special four days, everything mundane and normal slips away into an enchanting and seductive beat of life. It is almost impossible to describe the emotion, you have to feel it and live it for this brief period.  I urge everyone who ever dreamed of Rio Carnival to go. It is simply wonderful.