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By January 4, 2016blog

Dealing with a Problem

I have a new and strange medical condition-(of course like most people, I have several), but this most recent one is annoying, baffling and very intrusive -although thankfully not painful. I go to sleep quite normally and wake up almost in a monthly cycle with the left side of my face sporting an ostrich egg size lump. A volcanic swell that would not be out of place in a Hammer horror film.

I am in Bangkok trying to establish- again- a credible diagnosis for this most annoying and demoralising condition. There are several hypotheses. Broadly, this state is known as angio edema. But the cause is vague and the strategy to deal with it uncertain. It lasts about a week, which doesn’t make for relaxed social activities.

BUT tonight I plan to lighten my spirit – even if only temporarily- and I decide to visit my absolutely favourite restaurant in the whole world, select their utterly most wanton and delectable dishes, discard the weight control brake and indulge. Souffle au Brie, wild boar, tarte tatin, all washed down with a superb provence rose (bottle). Suddenly my face looks balanced, almost weightless and angelic.

Stumbling back to my hotel I start to think about my favourite restaurants – those that were eternally memorable- many now disappeared in the annals of time and memory but fun to rember and so I list them.   

Indigo.  Bangkok. (French…tonight’s experience)

Antonios.  Bangkok (Italian… Antonio is passion personified, great host)

The Ark.  London (the original was a gem)

Home Kitchen.  Phuket – eccentric, great food

Rouge Tomate (New York – organic, cool)

Le Cygne.  Brussels – high end, special childhood memories)

The Naked Possum (Only in New Zealand…..)

St Tropez.  Dubai (favourite old Dubai bistro)

Any restaurant in Les Halles Paris at 2 in the morning, feeling the worse for wear and rescued by onion soup or oysters or both!

1st class Emirates Airlines(only if upgraded, if you can pay its too expensive)

Well that’s me. Would be lovely have yours too!!

And there are more but that seems a good start.

This morning( day 3) the ostrich egg is a chicken egg so onwards and upwards!

Sunny with Occasional Rain

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