Barry Kirsch

Barry kirsch born in Belgium, barry grew up in a rich musical environment, due to his father’s position as one of europe’s senior executives at emi records. he got his degree from the uk, and was thereafter heavily involved in the music industry, producing some of the biggest artists of the 70′s and 80s. Barry Kirsch also worked extensively as a songwriter signed to warners for seven years, with several hit songs to his credit. this eventually culminated with an Emmy nomination for his film score on richard dreyfus’s film “prisoner of honour”.

Barry kirsch has composed music for a multitude of prestige clients including emirates, dubai shopping festival, dubai tourism, dubai holdings and many of the world’s leading multinational brands, in addition to tv themes, film scores and major orchestral event scores. he is credited with over 50 international awards for his work in music and is actively involved in bringing copyright awareness in intellectual property to the region.

Barry Kirsch is actively involved as an unofficial ambassador working to promote dubai as a production and post production centre on behalf of his company bkp and colleagues and other media companies in the uae.